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French baking and pastry-making need no introduction !
France is famous for its bread, wine and cheeses. Croissants and baguettes are symbols of French know how. They’re known all over the world.

In France, bread and pastries are mostly made by craftsmen.
There are 32,000 bakers’ and pastry shops throughout the country – that’s 1 shop for every 1800 inhabitants. Craftsmen hold 65% of the market – their competitors are industrial bakeries and supermarket chains.

In France, there are laws for the way bread is made and bakers must stick to these laws. The French are very proud of the quality of their bread and cakes and the traditions surrounding them.


The national baking and pastry-making institute is more commonly known as INBP.
This leading school was founded in Rouen in 1974 by the French National Baking and Pastry-making Confederation. This leading school was founded.

This large organisation is based in Paris and represents French bakers and pastry chefs.


INBP is :

  • A private school for adults (18 years or more) which specializes in the baking of bread and pastry-making
  • A baking and pastry-making advice centre
  • A baking and pastry-making research and development centre
  • An information and documentation centre specialized
  • An author of recipe books, technology books and professional journals.



Since 1974, the INBP has become an expert in training.
Each year, we train nearly 8000 people, in Rouen, in France and abroad.
Some of the people who trained at the INBP have gone on to become VIPs in the profession.

Well known for the excellent quality of its teaching, INBP is a dynamic school.
Our baking and pastry-making teachers are top professionals. Some of them have been awarded the prestigious title of “One of the Best Workers in France” (« un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France »). This competition is very challenging and rewarding top performers.

In 1993, INBP was awarded the title of Centre for Technological Innovation by the French government, thanks to our research and development activities.


INBP has links with :

  • Baking and pastry-making schools abroad (INBP receives foreign students and also carries out exchanges with other schools)
  • Private firms (millers, baking and pastry-making shops…)
  • Professional organisations
  • Many institutions (economic, research centres…)
  • Many VIPs of the profession


What can we propose you ?



Our trainers travel throughout the world.
Each application is different from the others and requires a unique approach.
We propose you for example :

  • Baking and pastry-making trainings (in schools, in firms, in shops, in mills…)
  • Demonstrations of the French know-how
  • Advice and technical help

Please contact us

At INBP, in France

If you do not speak French :
Each year we welcome foreigners wanting to take a personalised course.
Together, we draw up a course plan to suit your needs.
To do this, we can communicate either by telephone or email.
We will define exact contents of your course, dates, length and price.

You can choose one of several different options.
For example : make just French bread and baguettes, make just viennese bread (croissants, brioches), make bread and viennese bread, make just cakes or tarts, work with chocolat, make a selection of pastry’s products (cakes, tarts, petit-fours, ice cream, savoury tarts)…

We also organize summer courses.
Regardless of your choice, an interpreter will be present throughout the course.

Please contact us

If you speak French :
Préparation au CAP boulanger en 4 mois et demi
Voir la fiche détaillée
Préparation au CAP pâtissier en 4 mois et demi
Voir la fiche détaillée
Préparation au CAP confiseur-chocolatier en 4 mois et demi
Voir la fiche détaillée

Après l’examen, il est possible de faire un stage dans une entreprise française, pour compléter la formation.

Initiation à la boulangerie viennoiserie française en 1 ou 2 semaines
Voir la fiche détaillée
Initiation à la pâtisserie française en 1 ou 2 semaines
Voir la fiche détaillée

Consultez aussi toute notre offre
depuis la page d’accueil en français



We offer the following training facilities
4 bakeries, 3 pastry-making laboratories, 1 catering laboratory, 1 ancient wood-burning oven re-built in the INBP grounds, 5 classrooms, 1 library.

And also
1 100-seat lecture hall next to a bakery/demonstration laboratory, 1 test laboratry for food product research and development, 1 test bakery, 1 test laboratory for baking and pastry-making equipment, offices.


INBP is in the town of Rouen, which is the capital of Normandy, one hour from Paris or from the sea.
Rouen and its suburbs have about 400,000 inhabitants.
Rouen has a very beautiful town centre. It has many impressive monuments, old wooden-beamed buildings and a lot of churches.
The famous river Seine (the same river which crosses Paris) flows through the town. Rouen attracts many foreign tourists.

For more information please consult the following website : www.rouentourisme.com


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